Family Self-Sufficiency Program

The Family Self Sufficiency Program is a five-year voluntary program for participants in both the Housing Choice Voucher and the Public Housing programs.  The program is designed to help individuals with improving their economic status by reducing their dependence on public assistance.

The Family Self Sufficiency Coordinator will assist with developing an individualized plan leading to self-reliance and identifying the steps and activities that need to be taken to reach those goals.


Various referrals to supportive social services such as:

Job Preparation
Credit Counseling

Home Ownership
Vocational Training 

FSS Program Announcements:

If you, or someone you know, is interested in participating in this great program, please contact:

Family Self- Sufficiency Coordinator
1414 N. Santa Fe Ave, 10th Floor
Pueblo, CO 81003

W: 719-586-8998


The five-year plan might include:

  • Obtain and maintain full time employment of at least 32-hours per week.

  • Complete a GED/High School Diploma

  • Complete a college degree and/or certification

  • Career Planning/Job Search assistance

  • Steps to eliminate the need for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

  • Participate in an Escrow Savings Account

  • Home ownership counseling

  • Attend a Financial Fitness Class to increase your credit score

Steps to enroll in the FSS Program:

  • Complete an FSS Pre-Enrollment Application

  • Develop your five-year plan.

  • Sign and date the FSS Contract

  • Meet with the FSS Coordinator every three months to discuss your progress on completing your plan.

What is required to participate?

  • Have a Housing Choice Voucher or live in Public Housing

  • Be in good standing with the Housing Authority

  • Be determined and have the desire to complete the Family Self Sufficiency Program

  • Meet with the Family Self Sufficiency Coordinator every three months

  • Complete an exit report at the time the contract has been completed.

Incentive for completing the FSS Program.

The Family Self Sufficiency Escrow Account is established by the Housing Authority of the City of Pueblo for each Head of Hold who has enrolled in the program.  An escrow credit is determined when there is an increase in earned income.  The escrow is deposited in an escrow account each month, if the head of household continues to work.   At times, the Housing Authority of the City of Pueblo may make a portion of this escrow funds available to the head of household for assistance in completing the interim goals such as education and job training. The balance of the Family Self Sufficiency Escrow Account is paid out to the head of household ONLY when:

  • All goals have been completed
  • When the head of household has achieved and maintain employment for more than three years
  • The family has certified that no family member has been on cash assistance for 12 consecutive months prior to the completion of the five-year contact.
  • All family members must be in good standing with the Housing Authority of the City of Pueblo

Home Ownership

Within the last two years a total of 19 families have completed the program. Several participants have earned over $80,00.00 in their Family Self Sufficiency escrow accounts.  Head of households’ participants have purchased a home through the Homeownership Program or have moved out of Housing as private renters.

The Family Self Sufficiency Program Successes

The Family Self Sufficiency Program has been around since May 1992.  

The FSS Program can refer families to first-time home ownership programs when the contact has been completed.    The escrow savings is used as the down payment on their first home!


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