Housing for the Elderly and Disabled

The Housing Authority of the City of Pueblo owns and manages housing units throughout the city which are for those people who are looking for low cost housing for those over 55 year old and disabled  and elderly. The buildings provide a safe and community atmosphere for the tenant. 

Mineral Palace Tower

Mineral Palace Tower

The Mineral Palace Tower was constructed in 1978. This apartment complex consists of 132 units for disabled and elderly. It is located at 1414 N. Santa Fe Ave near Mineral Palace Park and Parkview Hospital.

Richmond Apartments

This apartment complex is owned by the Senior Resource Development Agency. It has 51 apartments and is designated as an elderly only complex. It is located at 165 Central Main St. and is near the Pueblo River Walk and Memorial Hall. This complex is managed by HACP.

Union Plaza

The Union Plaza Apartments is adjacent to the Richmond Apartments. It has 44 units and was constructed in 1994 for the elderly only. It is located at 234 N. Union and is adjacent to the Senior Resource Development Agency which owns the apartment complex and is managed by HACP.

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