USDA Rural Multi-Family Development

The Farm Labor program consists of 18 unit properties, which includes 9 three bedroom duplexes. This program is administered by  To be eligible for this program a family’s annual income, at the time of application, may not exceed the income limits established by HUD. For more information about this program see the USDA Rural Development Multi-Family Housing Assistance. An applicant whose income is derived from “Agriculture” will be considered a preference.  Applications are taken Monday thru Friday at 201 S. Victoria, call 719-586-8985.

Las Villas de Pueblo  Farm Labor Program

The Las Villas de Pueblo is an 18 unit development built in 1997. These duplexes are located on the east side of Pueblo and are three bedroom units. The Farm Labor Program is a USDA Rural Development program that is intended for households who earn a minimum of $4,777 from agriculture work or have worked on a farm at least 110 days in the past 12 months. However, it also serves those families whose income is categorized as extremely low income but not to exceed families with a very low income.

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