Housing Authority of the City of Pueblo

About the HACP

The Housing Authority of the City of Pueblo (HACP) was created as a quasi-governmental agency in 1953 through the United States Federal Housing Act of 1937 for the purpose of providing public housing and rental assistance to low-income families and individuals. HACP receives subsidy assistance from the Federal government in order to provide housing to eligible low-income households. HACP is therefore mandated to comply with Federal Regulations pertaining to rental assistance as well as the Fair Housing Act of 1988, which prohibits discrimination based on race, color, or national origin. 

Housing Authority of the City of Pueblo

Mission Statement

The Sangre de Cristo Apartments

The Sangre de Cristo Apartments was the first development constructed for public housing purposes in 1953 and consisted of 224 rental apartments. In 1998, 12 of these units were demolished due to the City’s street widening program on Prairie Avenue. HACP currently owns and manages 901 public housing units throughout the city of Pueblo. In addition, the HACP is responsible for other rental assistance programs including various Section 8 programs which are governed by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD); a Farm Labor Housing program governed by the United States Rural Development Agency (RD); and a number of Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Programs governed by the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA).

Financial Information

The Housing Authority of the City of Pueblo is overseen by a Board of Commissioners who direct and guide the agency on financial matters. All financial decisions and directions are in accordance with generally acceptable accounting principles and the rules and regulations of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). 

The Housing Authority is subject to an audit as defined by the policies and procedures of the Board of Commissioners, the City of Pueblo, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Additionally, an annual report is created and presented to the City of Pueblo and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). All financial reports can be found on our website by clicking the links below:

Annual Report

The Housing Authority, along with the Board of Commissioners, puts together a report which outlines the activities for the previous year and the Agency’s plans for the future. Please click below to view the most recent report. 

2021 HACP Annual Report

Five Year Plan

Each year the Housing Authority reviews the current plan and their long term goals on a five year horizon. That plans takes into account community needs, economic conditions, and projected growth of programs the Housing Authority participates. Click on the link below to view the most recent plan.

2022 Annual Plan

2020 5 Year Plan  


The Housing Authority, working with an independant accouting firm, assembles an annual audit of the Housing Authority’s financial status. This report is reviewed by the board of Commissioners who approves it.

2017 Annual Audit 

2018 Annual Audit 

2019 Annual Audit 

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